Tuesday, June 17, 2014


We used a bench plane to trim down the stem so that it will fit under the keel.
Here we spread the epoxy on the bow stem to make it stick to the inner stem. Cheeeese aye!
Between the blue pieces of tape we spread the epoxy substance on the front of the skiff so the bow stem will stay in place.  
After putting the epoxy glue on the bow stem at the front of the skiff, then we placed the bow stem into place.
We put two screws on each end of the keel and tied piece of string really tight to make sure the keel was nice and straight. 
In this picture, we taped along the keel so the epoxy doesn't get on the skiff when we glue the keel on.
We spread the epoxy substance on the keel and skiff and put the keel in place.