Friday, September 26, 2014

Back to Work, BOSSES in ACTION

We put epoxy on the inwales.
After we spread the glue, we began to clamp the blocks for the inwales onto the skiff.  
Now we're scraping up the excess glue that squeezed out from the clamping.
Next, we used a jointer plane to even out the inwales with the planks of the skiff.
Then we started rasping the frames so the last piece of the inwales would fit.
We used a jigsaw to rough out custom sanding blocks for the breasthooks.  These will be used to sand the curves in the breasthooks.
After we roughed them out with the jigsaw we used a band saw to cut to the line.
IN ACTION!! After creating custom made sanding blocks, we used them to sand the curve in the breasthook.
At the bow, we glued plugs in to cover the screws.
FINALLY!! We glued in the last part of the inwales into the boat.