Friday, October 25, 2013

Supporting the Strongback

We put one coat of primer on the oar before we paint.  The reason primer is used is it seals the wood, and it helps the paint stick.
We are screwing together the stand for the stem support bracket.  

We are gluing the stem support bracket stand to the floor.  The function of this piece is to support the stem and keep it steady during the build.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Getting Ready

We routed the inside of the stem with a round over bit.
After priming the floorboards of skiff #1, we scuffed the floorboards with fine grit sandpaper.  Scuffing will allow the top coat of paint to stick.

Rolling the top coat of non-skid on the floorboards for skiff #1 (on the left).  
Now that the plywood pads are glued to the floor, we double-checked with the water level before we permanently fasten the legs of the strong back to the pads.

It's levelled, so we are fastening it down!