Saturday, September 29, 2012

First Stations!

The first stations are up and approximately in place.  You can see some of the MDF gussets that were added to stiffen the strongback.

We needed to take off the gussets because they were in the way of  Station 1.  We removed them and made them smaller by putting them back on the CNC machine. 

We had to make sure the cross spalls were flush with the bottom of the molds.  We used a drill to screw the 2 pieces together.  We attached the cross spalls to strengthen the molds and it provides a surface to attach the molds to the building frame.  We cut the cross spalls to length with a Japanese Saw.

 Set up the mold on the buikling frame at the correct location using the interlocking battens provided in the kit. 

We used clamps to keep the molds in place.


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