Friday, November 9, 2012

Garboard plank

We dry fit the garboard plank with C clamps and bar clamps to look for gaps, then we had to retape the molds so they don't get glued to our boat. Next, we had to file down the frames to a right angle so that the garboard plank fit properly. Finally, we traced to mark spots in order to know where to spread epoxy on the keelson, frames, stems and also on the garboard plank.
We spread epoxy on the starboard side of the hog and on the garboard plank.
After we applied epoxy we clamped, screwed, and put weights on every square inch. The most difficult part was clamping the twist of the garboard plank at the bow and stern. Then we cleaned up the squeeze out using a putty knife. THE BEST PART NOW IS THAT WE ARE A SIXTH DONE WITH ONE SIDE!

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