Monday, June 10, 2013

Bayfront Cruisers

Gluing in the inwale; getting ready for the launch.  The end of the school year is approaching, so we're going to put the boat in the water unfinished! 

Placing the clamps on the boat, waiting for the epoxy to cure.

We had bagpipers join us for the launch!  

Team work putting the boat in the water.  Off the trailer and onto the ramp!
Lowering the boat in the water.

Finally in the water, it floats!  We are putting the rudder into place, since our boat is not completely done we had to mock up something that would work for the launch.

Everybody's inside ready to row!

Out on the water rowing.
On our way back!

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  1. Congratulations on your launch! You must be very proud, you've built a beautiful skiff. Love the photo of the "Oars Up"

    Ayle of Quinte boatbuilders