Friday, December 6, 2013

Getting To The Bottom Of It

We dry-fit both garboard planks on the boat to mark out where the epoxy goes.  This is also necessary to double check that the planks are fair along the set up, everything fits properly, and we have all the clamps and tools ready for when we glue. 
Still dry-fitting, we used the screws as clamps at the bow and the stern.  

We clamped the port side plank in place after the epoxy was applied.
Spreading the epoxy on the keelson in preparation for gluing the starboard plank on.
Spreading unthickened epoxy on the garboard plank.

We used screws as clamps until the glue cures.  We waxed the threads of the screws with beeswax to make them easier to remove.
Thanks to the generosity of the Erie General Electric Employee Community Service Fund, we have a new Sharp Aquos Interactive Touch Board.  We used it for blogging this morning.  Thank you!

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