Friday, March 7, 2014

Tutorial: A Way To Make Clamps

Recently, we broke a lot of our lap clamps that came with our first kit.  Since we're not quite done planking the second skiff we decided to make more.  This is how we did it.
We used an existing clamp as a pattern and traced it out on this piece of wood.
Using a drill press, we drilled a hole in the wood with a Forstner bit.  
We used a band saw with a wider blade to make the straight cuts.
Then, we cut out the center piece.

We used the smaller band saw to cut the curve, because it has a smaller blade.

We're sanding the outside curve of the clamp down to the line.

We used a spindle sander to smooth the inside of the clamp.
Once we finished them, we attached the clamps to the boat.

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