Friday, October 31, 2014

Roll, Roll, Roll Your Boat.

This is an artsy shot of us priming the boat.
We started applying the first coat of primer.  The technique we used for painting is called "Rolling and Tipping".  We used this method to get an even coat of paint with no bubbles.  
Then we added a second coat of primer.
After we primed, we applied the first coat of paint to the inside of the boat.  The color we chose is Interlux's Seattle Gray.
The floorboards from last years skiff fit into our new skiff.  We used them as a pattern for the new floorboards.
In order to paint the outside of the boat we had to flip it first.  We set the edge on life jackets and rolled it over.

We adjusted the boat.           
We placed crates under the boat once we got it leveled out.

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