Friday, January 4, 2013

Another Day, Another Plank

We glued the fourth plank on the starboard side. We lined up registration marks that we drew during the dry fit process.

Clamps were used to hold the plank while the epoxy sets.
Fences were put up so that we wouldn't cut too high up into the plank. 
As you can see progress is being made!  There are three planks on the port side and four planks on the starboard side.


  1. Hi guys from Scotland,

    Your boat is looking great and you are making excellent progress. You are near the exciting moment when she is turned over and you suddenly have a real boat! Bring a crew over to row with us at the St Ayles Skiff World Championship July 8th-13th this year in Ullapool! We'll lend you a boat, you just need to bring rowers.

    Cheers, Topher Dawson.

  2. Thank you for following our post and complimenting our work. We are honored that you invited us to the rowing championship. How much would it cost for us to come over and is there a fee to enter the competition? thank you from the BMC crew