Thursday, February 28, 2013

2 Stems Forward

We tightened the lag screws on the cradle using a ratcheting wrench.

We had to prepare for laminating the bow stem. We layed out 11 laminations and numbered them. In the background is our cradle.

We started putting unthickened epoxy on the laminations to soak into the wood. Then we put thickened epoxy on the laminations so that it fills in the gaps.

Once we applied the epoxy to the laminations, we instantly bent them over the bow of the boat. We put ratchet straps over the outer stem while the glue cured.

We finished putting all of the ratchet straps over the outer stem.

We started putting epoxy on the other laminations to make the stern stem.

We aligned the laminations at the stern stem using a rubber mallet.

We cut off the extra laminations using the Japanese Saw.

We are running the stem through the thickness planer to clean up the extra glue.

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