Friday, September 27, 2013

Get On My Level

We're sanding the bottom of the legs of the strongback to get the gluey stuff off from last year's build.  This will make it easier to level.  Building the first skiff last year, these legs were glued directly to the concrete slab. Towards the end of the build a few legs moved. This year, building skiff #2, we are gluing plywood pads to the floor for the legs to sit on, fastened with screws and glue fillets after the strongback is levelled.

We're gluing the plywood pads to the ground so the strongback won't move during the boat building process.

We set the strongback on the pads and determined the highest point with a water level.  Shims under each leg were used to raise the whole strongback up to this benchmark.  We made the water level with a long, clear, 3/8" tube filled with water.  Food coloring at the ends makes it easier to see the water.

Leveling the strongback with a water level.

We are sanding the epoxy that was squeezed out of the cracks of the frames.

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