Friday, March 15, 2013

"What We Can Do When We Work Together" - N.F.

We used a Skilsaw and a cut - off guide to cut the stem.
This is a close up of our bow stem .
Clamping on the bow stem with ratchet straps .
A close up of the front of the boat . We scuffed up the inner stem using a razor knife .

We're putting epoxy on the stem of the St. Ayles Skiff to glue on the outer stem. In the backround we are sanding our gunwales.

Spreading epoxy on the stern to attach the outer stem.  
We used a chop saw to cut an angle into the front end of the keel.

A close up of our scarph joint at the bow, where the keel meets the stem.

Clamping on the keel using ratchet straps and C clamps. This was done in order for it to be straight and centered.  

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  1. Brilliant work, it really shows what you can do with the right tools and team work.